The fallout angel 2.1 -Dead Dream- | KIgaS(黒田ミチル)

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エレクトロニカ ロック POP ハードロック ヘヴィーメタル ソウル

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Soaking in the blood before I get a score I prayed for GOD
I don't be afraid when you will go on the blink and as the blind

Stuck in the crowd,I just wanna feel like being through with the world
Forget me,You should never aim a gun at me

Wrong way....I might have taken for all to befall
Easy to fade,It's time for me to scram then my tears spring

Go forward till I get to be there on your chill ground
Hard to fake,You sold me a lie that's dread and deep inside me

Forgive me,I would aim a gun at you...loser
Love is insect that's always bugging me about vice and crime

Farewell...l've never shown my stuff to you,little girl
The Faith you gave is fairly falling to piece

Dropping outta the space Calling outta the sky
Jesus,dying in the rain l swear it's my first bet to lose
Kneeling down on a grave to shove me in a sack and dump

*Stayin' you away,I'm craving for your love that can't make it
It's so hard but only if you found me out there...Please
break your wall built in a darkness of the hollow sorrow
All my days a rain on the life won't let up,
Still will there be any regret called...the used phrases DEAD DREAM



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