CREOFUGA is a audio sharing service.

We provide a place for you to share the music, song, voice, and other works you create!

You can upload anything that is sound related, and there is no upload limit


You can upload instrumental, vocaloid, and band music, as well as voice blog or radio show where "voice" is the main content.
Also, you can collaborate with other works, in such ways as "I tried playing this" or "I tried singing this." Please use this as a place to present your music freely, as there is no upload limit.

MP3 is the only supported file format, but there is no limit on the sampling rate. The file size limit is 100 MB for each file. Please utilize it for presenting works with high sound quality, which is hard to do on video sharing websites.

Blog parts that are wavy and stylish


You can easily embed playback blog parts in your website or blog.
We believe that the artwork image and wavy design will decorate your work. Please utilize it to introduce the music you uploaded on your website or blog.

Customize your page and use it like your business card


By setting a cover image or icon on your profile page, you can personalize the design like your own official website.

You can specify the URL to access your page. Please obtain one using your creator name, group name, or band name.

Please use it as your activity portal by placing links to Twitter, video sharing sites, and other social media.

Often hold contests and auditions


We have held open recruitment for game music, competition for major artist music, and vocalist audition.

We are making efforts to discover talented music creators and artists in coordination with the music and gaming industry.

We send out contest and audition information to registered members, so please sign up.

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