CREOFUGA popular vote rules

The popular vote is a system by which a portion of the selection process for music contests held by CREOFUGA Inc. (hereafter referred to as "our company") allows participation by vote.
Voting is conducting via the internet, utilizing Twitter. These rules will be provided for the objective of conducting a fair vote.

■ Voter eligibility

• Persons who agree to these rules.

■ Voter registration

• Twitter accounts to be used when voting are limited to one account per person.

■ Prohibited acts

• Voting by a single person using multiple Twitter accounts is prohibited.
• Automatic voting processes using computer programs, etc., is prohibited.
• In the event that the above-mentioned acts are verified, any concerned votes will be invalidated, and applications by said voter revoked, regardless of the reasons involved.
(We are under no obligation to disclose reasons for revocation)

■ Regarding the handling of personal information

• Registered account information may be used when our company announces the results of the selection process, or when providing information in regard to music contests.
• In regard to registered account information at the time of voting, our company will handle such information appropriately according to the separately designated " Privacy Policy ".

In regard to items regarding usage on websites, the CREOFUGA terms of use will apply.
Please make sure to verify the CREOFUGA terms of use.

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